Joseph Capriati Will Play 18-Hour Set At ADE 2021

Joseph Capriati just announced he will play an all-day set at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2021. The set will begin at 6AM on Sunday, October 17, and end at midnight on Monday, October 18, totaling 18 hours.

Capriati is known for playing epic extended sets. In 2017 he played a 25-hour set at the now closed Heart Nightclub in Miami, only to top himself two years later by playing for nearly 28 hours at Sunwaves Festival in 2019. 18 hours may not be a big deal for him in comparison, but it is sure to be quite the journey on the dance floor.

This announcement comes after the recent confirmation that ADE could take place in 2021 under new COVID-19 restrictions from the Dutch government. Going forward, clubs can only remain open until 12AM which is a massive shift from the all night culture of ADE, but one the DJs and dancers are willing to accept.

Capriati is milking the restrictions for all their worth playing every second clubs are allowed to operate for this set. Get tickets here.


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