Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice’ Features Skrillex, Virtual Riot & Troyboi

Justin Bieber has released his latest album, ‘Justice’ which features Khalid, Chance The Rapper, and electronic music artists Skrillex, Virtual Riot, and TroyBoi.

Skrillex, Virtual Riot, and Troyboi on a Justin Bieber album?! You bet, and it sounds fantastic. Justin Bieber released ‘Justice on March 19 which features 15 individual tracks, 16 if you include ‘Redeye’ with Troyboi. Skrillex and Virtual Riot are credited for their flawless production abilities on ‘2 Much’ and their ability to curate a soft piano melody with Bieber’s voice as the vocals. The combination between both electronic producers and Bieber creates an emotionally immersive track.

‘2 Much’ is not the only track that features Skrillex’s masterful synths and production. Skrillex is featured on ‘Loved By You’ with Burna Boy and ‘Somebody.’ All of these electronic producers are able to form perfectly to Bieber’s voice, ultimately creating brilliantly produced emotional and meaningful tracks.

Troyboi is featured on Bieber’s bonus single, ‘Redeye’, and is available via payment on Biebers online store. Click here for Justin Bieber’s online store.

Feature Photo – Rukes

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