Justin Hawkes Drops Masterful Album Of Genre-Bending DnB With ‘Existential’

Justin Hawkes just dropped a masterful album called Existential filled with genre-bending DnB pieces that showcase the existential scenarios of his life and musical journey.

The 15-track LP contains unique takes on the UK-based genre from the perspective of a Virginia-born artist. With dramatic and progressive songs like “Existential” and “Black Bloc” alongside the deeper midtempo “Hold Me Down“, and experimental tracks like “Cadence” and “Lotus Children,” the album pushes the boundary of what one considers “Drum and bass.” There’s even a country/DnB single called “Better Than Gold” that features Hawkes’ dad on acoustic guitar. But the whole album is a family affair as his uncle also sings vocals on many of the tracks.

Justin Hawkes said about the album, “Existential manifests as a self-portrait. It weaves between my thoughts, philosophy, and history, both within my career as a Drum & Bass artist in America and internally through the unknown future. The title itself represents the existential scenarios that have formed who I am, exploring my journey through crisis, the weight and forgotten wisdom of the past, even the sometimes comedic power of being an outlier.

At 28 years old, Justin Hawkes has already been releasing music for over 10 years, working previously under the name Flite until 2020. One of his greatest goals is to bring drum & bass to wider success within North America, all while putting his own unique roots into the music. 

Listen to Existential by Justin Hawkes below:

Featured image from Justin Hawkes 

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