Kaskade Awarded Nearly $8 Million Over Closing of KAOS Nightclub

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Gordon awarded Kaskade, real name Ryan Raddon, nearly $8 million in a lawsuit that alleged breach of contract over the sudden closure of KAOS Nightclub at the Palms back in 2019.  In his judgment against FP Holdings, a subsidiary of Station Casinos, which owned the Palms at the time, Judge Gordon wrote that while FP tried to argue that the COVID-19 pandemic would have made it impossible to hold concerts in most of 2020, alternative venues, including streaming performances, could have been found.

Kaskade’s attorneys said he signed a two-year contract with FP Holdings to perform 30 concerts in both 2019 and 2020. He performed all of his contracted concerts through September 2019, but an October concert was canceled in August, with venue renovations cited as the reason. Palms paid for the canceled October performance, but a concert scheduled for Nov. 8 was cut with just a week’s notice.

“The company never analyzed the feasibility of an alternative venue or other arrangements to avoid a breach and allow the plaintiffs to perform their obligations under the contract,” Gordon wrote. “Streaming or drive-in performances were not part of FP’s business model, but that does not excuse FP from performing its obligations.”

KAOS would eventually close on November 5, 2019, canceling the rest of his performances. Kaskade will receive $1.2 million for seven 2019 performances that were canceled plus $6.75 million for the 30 performances set for 2020.

Photo courtesy of Kaskade’s Facebook Page

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