Kaskade Announces Live Stream From The Grand Canyon Tonight

Kaskade is always taking it to the next level! As part of the launch of the #BeApp streaming platform and Coca Cola partnership, today Kaskade will kick off Coke Studio’s 60 days of music with a live set from the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

#BeApp will stream over 100 performances over the next few months to support the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement. Throughout the streams fan will have the ability to donate to each of these charitable causes that are directly supporting COVID-19 Relief efforts. 

You can join the livestreams on #BeApp, which can be downloaded for on  iOS or Android devices, as well as on Coca-Cola YouTube and Facebook. The stream starts at 6pm PT.

“We know that people may feel lonely or isolated as a result of the pandemic, and Coca-Cola remains committed to uplifting the human spirit and fostering connection while we’re apart,” said the Vice President, Global Sports & Entertainment, The Coca-Cola Company, Ricardo Fort. “By providing 60 days of live, interactive music content that fans can share and enjoy with others, we hope that Coke Studio Sessions will provide small, daily moments of entertainment for those adjusting to their new normal.”

#BeApp is an immersive, digital destination for fans to enjoy live music in a new way. Unlike other virtual concert platforms, #BeApp will offer a variety of interactive features, including:

In-App Sharing: Sharing feature will encourage fans to invite friends and family to join them during the livestream.
Currency/Points: By continuously interacting and sharing through the app, fans will earn in-app points and currency that can be redeemed for prizes, functionality upgrades and more.
Prizes and Upgrades: Prizes include upgraded access to “front row seats,” artist shout-outs during the livestream and #BeApp swag.
Front Row Seats: “Front row seats” offer fans a greater digital presence during the livestream, including having the user’s photo and name visible to all viewers.
Donations: Fans will have the ability to make a donation to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to support Covid-19 relief efforts.

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