Cinematic D&B Duo Koven Drop Epic VIP Of World Cup-Inspired Anthem “Lions”

Cinematic Drum & Bass duo Koven have returned to Monstercat with their final single of the year, an epic orchestral VIP of their inspiring track “Lions.”

The VIP amplifies the intensity of the orchestral strings from the Parallax Orchestra into an uplifting rework filled with their signature fast-paced drums. The team wrote the anthem after watching England win a match during the 2021 Euros tournament and the VIP resonates today with the 2022 World Cup.

Koven shares, “The VIP for us was something that we pretty much had in our hands the day we finished the original. Having close ties to Drum & Bass, throwing a D&B beat under the non-D&B tracks we make is quite a natural step for us. We always tend to do it just to get a read on if we think it’s going to have a vibe at a higher tempo. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. As soon as we tried it we knew it was going to work and decided it had to be released on ‘Part 2.’”

“Part 2” is in reference to Koven’s highly anticipated Higher Ground (Part 2) EP, arriving in 2023 on Monstercat.

Koven was formed in 2014 by producer Max Rowat and vocalist and DJ Katie Boyle. The duo is well-known for their passionate songs and lyrics further emphasized by Boyle’s stunning vocals. Boyle is also the main performer of the group, often DJing and singing their songs live as well as co-producing their music in the studio.

Listen to the VIP of Koven’s “Lions” below:

Featured image from Koven, photo credit Rebecca Need-Menear Photography

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