Las Vegas Shop Offers Free Bassnectar Tattoo Removals

A Las Vegas tattoo shop is offering to remove your Bassnectar logo tattoos, for free!

Due to recent current events surrounding Bassnectar and the explicit lawsuit that was filed against him, a local tattoo shop in Las Vegas has decided to offer free removals of the artist’s logo. Christian Jones is the owner of the tattoo shop, Ink Busters who will be administering the free tattoo removal. Jones publicly stated in a Facebook post that,

“In light of recent developments and the utter shame Bassnectar has brought upon on the electronic music community, we will be offering free removals of his logo at our studio Ink Busters.”

Bassnectar’s lawsuit discloses that Bassnectar sexually abused minors and that both Bassnectar and various management companies engaged in a human trafficking venture. Bassnectar is also accused of “manufacturing and possessing child pornography.”

The lawsuit will look to hold Bassnectar and other divisions of management accountable for the years of abuse and trafficking. Last year, an Instagram account was created for young, underage women to come forward and disclose in detail any instances or encounters of sexual abuse with Lorin (Bassnectar). Other survivors of abuse are encouraged to come forward and have their voices heard.

*Anyone with information about Bassnectar or who has been victimized themselves can call the law firm’s hotline at 855-382-3385. For more information, contact Brian Kent or Stewart Ryan directly at 855-382-3385,, or *Visit Ink Busters website for more information regarding free tattoo removal.*

Feature Photo – Rukes


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