Las Vegas Will Soon Have A Moon-Themed Resort On The Strip

Las Vegas is one of the most extravagant places on the planet, but soon a piece of the strip will give vacationers a taste of outer space. The Canadian-based company, Moon World Resorts, is intending to build a resort that replicas the moon right along the Vegas strip.

That’s right, in the near future there will be a replica of the moon fitted right next to other sites like the pyramid of the Luxor and the Eifel Tower of Paris Vegas.

In traditional Vegas style, this resort will feature all the luxury amenities anyone could want (short of an actual flight into space). There will be a 2,500-seat theater, a 5,000-seat event center, a 10,000-seat arena. The resort will also have approximately 4,000 rooms and suites, as well as a 75,000-square-foot spa.

Special additions to fit the cosmic theme are an on-site planetarium and what the resort is calling a lunar colony. Modeled after the actual lunar colonies NASA is currently developing, guests can spend $500 to take a lunar shuttle to the upper levels of the sphere and explore the area in moon rovers for 90 minutes.

A nightclub will also be included in the resort, and given the advancements in production, it will likely feel like entering a legitimate spaceship.

Click here to learn more about the moon-themed resort and check out concept images of its amenities.

Featured image provided by Moon World Resorts.

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