Live Nation Expects “Full Capacity Shows By Next Summer”

In a recent interview with CNBC, Live Nation’s president, Joe Berchtold spoke about the possibility of live events returning in 2021. This topic has been pondered and debated over for some time now but the Live Nation president feels “Very good right now” about the idea of live events resuming next summer. Berchtold went on to tell CNBC that, “On a global basis, some shows in Asia are coming back, New Zealand is operating at full capacity, and in key U.S. and Western European markets the expectation is that shows will resume by next summer.”

Berchtold goes on to say that, “It’s our expectation, in general, that we’ll be able to get back to full capacity shows;  we won’t need social distancing, certainly outdoors by next summer. We got a number of protocols that we will take with to all of our venues in terms of how it is we’re sanitizing and creating a safe environment for our artists, our employees, and our fans.”

Currently, 86% of fans are holding onto tickets for rescheduled shows, 2/3 of fans are keeping tickets for rescheduled festivals and 19 million tickets have been sold to 4,000 concerts and festivals in 2021 already according to CNBC.

With these impressive numbers and Ticketmaster’s evolving COVID-19 testing technology, the future of live events in 2021 is looking promising and is something we can feel “very good” about.

Stream Joe Birchtold’s Interview here.

Source – CNBC

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