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Take A Drink: Our Official Live Stream Drinking Game

Since the majority of us around the world are confined to our homes amidst the coronavirus-related lockdowns, we have come up with an exciting drinking game to add to your activity list! Get together with a small group under ten (or in accordance with your city mandate) or set up a group virtual gathering, put on your favorite live-stream, mix your favorite cocktail, and make the best out of this time inside! Feel free to add in your own rules to the list. Cheers!

Live Stream Drinking Rules

Take a sip whenever the following occurs:

You see heart hands

A fireworks display

You see your country’s flag

The crowd goes “Oohh Oohh”

The DJ tells the crowd they look/are beautiful

You see a Spongebob, Rick & Morty, or Pornhub Totem

The DJ says “Put your hands up” or “Let me see your hands”

You see the flag for that particular festival (ie. Ultra flag during Ultra set, Tomorrowland flag during Tomorrowland set)

An Avicii song comes on: drink in his memory

The DJ asks “How do you feel/how are you feeling?”

The camera zooms in on someone crying

Someone blows a kiss into the camera

You see Stream Queen (@streamqueen_xo)

The DJ jumps on their deck

When the DJ takes a drink, you drink with them

The camera zooms in on someone with a pacifier in their mouth

The DJ cuts the vocals so the entire crowd sings the lyrics

When someone has a message displayed on their phone screen

The DJ says “I love you”

The camera zooms in on a couple kissing

The DJ does a countdown (ie. 4, 3, 2, 1..)

Crowd goes “Heyyy Ho”

The DJ says to jump

When someone is holding a sign made for that DJ

The DJ says “I can’t hear you!” or “Make some noise!”

The DJ encourages a side-to-side arm wave

Additional Set-Specific or Festival-Specific Rules:

Timmy Trumpet Set: When he drinks, you drink as long as he does (ie. he is drinking vodka for 10 seconds straight, you drink for 10 seconds straight)

Salvatore Ganacci Set: Drink each time he flips his hair or dry-humps anything (one drink per hip thrust)

3 Are Legend Set: Any time they say to “Put a three up”

Armin Van Buuren Set: Each time Armin does his signature pose

Ultra: Anytime you see someone make the Ultra symbol with their hands

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