Interview: Getting To Know Lizzy Jane In Her Home Town

Florida-born but now Denver-based, Lizzy Jane has dedicated her whole life to her musical journey, and she is just getting started.

With her infectious energy and unique sound, Lizzy Jane has become a rising star in the world of electronic music. Her journey has been a captivating one, filled with dedication, growth, and a relentless pursuit of her artistic vision.

In this interview, EDM Maniac sat with Jane for a recent stop in Tampa, Florida to discuss her background, her evolution as an artist, and her exciting upcoming projects. Get ready to be inspired:

EDM Maniac: What’s up Lizzy, Welcome home! Are you excited to be in Tampa tonight?

Lizzy Jane: It feels so good to be home, the energy is indescribable. I can’t even put into words the feeling I get looking out at the crowd and seeing all the same faces from the beginning. It’s humbling. 

EDM Maniac: Tell us about your journey with music starting in your hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Lizzy Jane: My mom put me in classical piano and cello lessons at the age of five. I didn’t fit in so well in the schooling part of it though.

I wanted to have full control over every aspect of my music. I wanted to know how to write the song, record it, do the bass, drums, the guitar, I wanted to do it all by 13.

By 14 I started a garage post-punk rock band called “civil action.” We were actually pretty good so we were getting booked a lot. 

EDM Maniac: Wow, so music has been your whole life basically. We love the power moves of taking control of your journey. So when did electronic music come into your life?

Lizzy Jane: When it became time to go to college I almost threw it all away, telling myself it was time to grow up. Then I was taken to the RL Grime’s Voyd tour in 2016, and it changed my life.

I liked the challenge of being a music producer, if you are going to fail it’s because of you, if you are going to succeed it is because of you. I wasn’t ready to throw away the one thing I have known my whole life. 

EDM Maniac: So what was next after you made that realization that you were going to pursue electronic music production?

Lizzy Jane: I learned to DJ pretty quickly, but it got old fast. I wanted to make my own music. I was working every single day in Ableton. I scored a residency on Pound Friday the bass night, at The Ritz in Ybor City, in Tampa, that really helped me grow a following and figure out what direction I wanted to go. I started releasing dubstep tracks doing my own vocals on each track.

EDM Maniac: You’ve really worked hard to get where you are now. What is the vision for the Lizzy Jane Project?

Lizzy Jane: The vision has always been to incorporate all my musical backgrounds and add a live element to my production side. A live show is the goal.

EDM Maniac: What instruments would your live show include?

Lizzy Jane: Well I’m a bassist through and through, but also the keys and vocals.

EDM Maniac: That would be epic. You entered the scene producing and playing a lot of dubstep, was that originally the path you wanted to pursue?

Lizzy Jane: That is a really good question, I love bass and dubstep but it was more of the opportunity that landed on my lap. 

EDM Maniac: You really took the opportunity and executed. You are so focused and determined, can you tell us a little bit about your routine that helps you execute so well?

Lizzy Jane: Well I actually have a full-time job as well as balancing my podcast The Lizzy Jane Pordcast and working on an EP, so a routine is a must to stay on task.

I wake up at 5-6 am, work until 1 pm, take a quick nap, teach production classes, go to yoga or the gym, then I go home and work on music for the rest of the night. Every day gotta stay focused on the goals.

EDM Maniac: So it sounds like you have some good things cooking up, can you tell us a little more about the future for you?

Lizzy Jane: The Gryffin remix is huge and I am so excited it finally came out. I am doing a series of headline shows across the country.

I have a single coming out with CRaymak very soon, after that we will start rolling out my EP, which makes me want to explode, I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. 

EDM Maniac: We can’t wait to hear all the new music you have been working hard on, thank you so much for sitting down with us and telling us about your passion and journey with music. Sitting down with you in your hometown of Tampa is an honor and the energy feels so amazing here tonight, have a great show!

Lizzy Jane: You guys rock! Thank you for this great conversation and listening to what makes my world go around and for supporting my journey. I’m loving this energy tonight, this hometown show is going to be so fun. Let’s get it!

All photos courtesy of Lizzy Jane’s Instagram

Written by
Emily Harvey

Aspiring Florida Journalist/Photographer enjoying the world and all the music it has to offer.

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