Making BAYNK: Tropical House Has A New Hero

You may not have heard of BAYNK in fact you may not even be able to pronounce it, but rest assured this up and comer from New Zealand is going to be a massive deal. With a sunshiney musical and visual style all of his own, the support of management top-shelfers Milton Archer and probably the funnest Instagram account I’ve ever seen, this young gun is kicking ass and taking names! BAYNK first popped up when he finished a track on holiday, uploaded it, lost his laptop and came back a week later to find it blowing up the internet. I managed to ask him a few questions about his process and inspiration.

EDMM: What inspired you to start making music and when did you really start to take it seriously?

BAYNK: A combination of downloading software (Ableton) solely to record my old bands tunes and hearing Flumes music was the spark to start creating my own thing. I started taking it seriously as soon as I got my first call-up to play a major festival @lanewayfestnz

EDMM: Your live show is pretty dynamic; was it difficult to make the transition from straight dance music to more of a live act?

BAYNK: For myself it wasn’t too difficult as I’ve always played in bands before this, singing + playing keys/saxophone/guitar so it was always logical for me that I wanted to be more of a live performer than a DJ

EDMM: Dance music seems to be moving into a more organic and live feel and you are certainly part of that. Where do you think that evolution is coming from and where might it go?

BAYNK: I think dance music has had it’s wave of sounding completely computer generated and now that that the music had started to incorporate more live elements the shows are moving in that direction as well. Music with sounds that are recognizable and from the real world to me are more relatable and I think it’s that reliability that’s driving the incorporation of organic sounds. Who knows where it’ll go, as always with music the possibilities are endless.

EDMM: I read that ‘Poolside’ was the first track you composed exclusively yourself. Who assisted you before that?

BAYNK: No-one. By that statement I meant I’m finally at the point where I can do everything myself as in I can write proper lyrics and sing myself as well as producing & composing the track. All my other songs have only featured vocal chops from myself excluding “What You Need” which myself and NÏKA (who features) wrote together @_nikamusic_

EDMM: You have a very defined aesthetic. It’s been described (somewhat tongue in cheek, I imagine) as ‘dork swag.’ Thoughts?

BAYNK: I think that’s pretty accurate. I love everything Tyler the Creator does/wears and I have a friend who I force to shop with me whom influences most of my fashion decisions (@george.carey)

EDMM: What does a regular day on tour consist of for you?

BAYNK: Not being able to sleep when the tour bus is moving so staying up and relaxing or writing music. Sleep when arriving at the new city for 4-5 hours until 2pm. Go find somewhere to eat and look around for 2 hours then go back to the venue to scope it out and practice saxophone in the green room or change my set up if I’ve found some new songs I want to play. Play the show, usually get a bit too excited and drink more than necessary. Just having as much fun as I can whilst putting on the best show possible. It’s draining but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

EDMM: What’s your favourite venue you’ve played so far and where would you like to play ideally?

BAYNK: Boulder Theatre in Colorado was my favourite, It was packed out and the crowd was crazy. I want to play at Red Rocks so badly. It looks ridiculous.

EDMM: What’s the most memorable moment of your life to date; musical or otherwise?

BAYNK:Playing the main stage before RUFUS & Chance The Rapper at my favourite hometown festival Rhythm & Vines which I’d been attending for 6 years prior to playing. @rhythmandvines

EDMM: If you could work with any artist, producer or music luminary over the last 100 years who would it be and why?

BAYNK: I’d work with Flume since he’s the reason I started and everything about his music is groundbreaking and incredible, plus he just won a Grammy; whaaaaat?

EDMM: If you could choose any superpower, what would it be and why?

BAYNK: Cliche but I’d want to fly. Fun, plus save money on transportation.

BAYNK is currently on tour in New Zealand and Australia.

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