Martin Garrix Shares His COVID Journey Through A New Episode Of ‘The Martin Garrix Show’

Pandemic life has been a journey for all. Every human being on the planet experienced a dramatic shift in their experience of the world, and that includes superstar DJs like Martin Garrix. In the latest episode of his eponymous web series, The Martin Garrix Show, the Dutch wunderkind shares the process of his main focus over the last two years: making music.

In the just-over-27-minute episode, viewers can see Garrix work with a wide variety of collaborators including the legendary members of U2, Bono and The Edge. Other artists who make an appearance in the video are supreme dance music vocalist John Martin and fellow STMPD RCRDS artist, Julian Jordan.

The video culminates in Garrix’s first performance back, at Austria’s Electric Love festival where he debuted numerous new tracks, many of which he can be seen creating in the episode.

Watch the full episode of The Martin Garrix Show below:

Featured image by Rukes

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