Mat Zo’s DAMAGE CONTROL Review and Orange County Show!

By EDM Maniac contributor Ryan Campbell

Mat Zo’s new album “Damage Control” (available for purchase right now on iTunes here) came out this month and delivers a brilliant mix of new and old EDM. The album took four years to complete and you can hear the attention to detail Mat had on each and every track. Mat Zo’s vision to revamp the older electronic music of the 90s really shines through. In this album he’s creating a new, fresh sound. I loved listening to the entire album from start to finish. There is so much depth and musical texture, it is not just dance music. Mat has created moods and emotions in each track. Much like Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”, Mat Zo takes influences of 60s, 70s, pop, and funk sounds and fuses them together with hard new beats and that raw electronic sound Porter Robinson is known for. I think Mat Zo put it best, “When I listen to an album, it’s not to dance to. I listen to listen. I wanted to make something that you can just enjoy without having to react in some way.” This album overall is one of the best we’ve heard all year. It isn’t just about each track individually, but the album as a whole is very unique.

Mat Zo will make appearances in Los Angeles this weekend at Create Nightclub (you can buy tickets here) and will hit Orange County on Sunday November 10th at Sutra (grab tickets here!)

We look forward to checking out Mat’s show on Saturday and Sunday night, and be sure to get your copy of Damage Control today and experience something totally new!



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