MEUTE, The German Marching Techno Band, Have Shared A New Single, ‘Peace’

Plenty of techno artists out there like Bicep, Headless Horseman, and 999999999 play live sets instead of the standard DJ set, but MEUTE takes the live techno concept to a whole new level.

MEUTE is a techno marching band, recreating dance-floor heaters with the drums and instruments one would see walking behind floats in the Rose Parade. The band consists of 11 musicians in total, and the group has just released a new single entitled “Peace.” The track comes ahead of their impending LP, TAUMEL, due out later this year.

With the wide-ranging instrumentation, MEUTE can accomplish feats of organic melody, harmony, and emotion that can’t be found within computer-generated sounds. “Peace” hones to its namesake with splendid grace, capturing sunrise energy with understated flute passages and light horn supporting notes.

Stream “Peace” in full below:

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