Miami’s Spring Break On The Verge Of Being Canceled

Miami Beach, Florida, USA on Ocean Drive.

Normally, students from all around the United States would flock to the sunny beaches of Miami for spring break to partake in numerous fun-filled activities on sandy beaches and dimly lit night clubs. However, with the rise in COVID-19 cases around the United States, the idea of spring break is seeming further and further away. Less than a month ago, interim City Manager, Raul Aguila, recommended that the city of Miami Beach should spend $1.5 million in order to organize the month-long spring break for students. Now, he is having second thoughts.

Spring break in the city of Miami is filled with countless dance parties and concerts which usually amounts to a lot of revenue for the city. Instead of hosting the event this year, Aguila believes it’s in the cities best interest to “Concentrate on additional enforcement efforts this year.” Mayor Dan Gelber and Police Chief Rick Clements agree with Aguila’s proposition to cancel this year’s spring break events, saying “We are very worried that, frankly, between the vaccine and fatigue, that we’ve really let our guard down,” the Miami Herald reports.

Unfortunately, it is looking like Miami’s spring break events will be canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us had hopes of experiencing spring break this year, but it seems we may have to wait another year.

Feature Photo – Getty Images – iStockphoto – Sean Pavone
Source – Miami Herald 

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