Monstercat Announces Strategic Acquisition of Silk Music

One of electronic dance music’s leading independent labels, Monstercat, has just announced their exciting new strategic acquisition of LA-based label, Silk Music. The new acquisition will create a third brand for Monstercat which will be named “Monstercat Silk.” Monstercat Silk will follow behind already established Monstercat brands, Instinct & Uncaged, and will aim to help support Monstercat’s commitment to genre-diversity and will be accompanied by a roster that spans various genres of electronic dance music including progressive house, downtempo, chillout, and more. Tokyo-based producer and progressive house artist, Shingo Nakamura, will help usher in Monstercat’s latest strategic acquisition with Monstercat Silk’s first single, ‘Glow.’ Shingo is known for his progressive house sounds which blend both lyrics and classic piano sounds. Shingo’s debut album, ‘Sapporo,’ was released on Monstercat Silk and reached #1 on Beatport’s Progressive House Chart. 

Shingo Nakamura is just one of many artists who will be featured on Monstercat Silk. Kaskade, Vintage & Morelli, and Arielle Maren are just a few of the many artists who will be featured on the newly announced Monstercat brand. When asked about the strategic acquisition, Monstercat Co-Founder & CEO, Mike Darlington, commented, “I have always admired Monstercat’s focus on artistic excellence and organic community-building, as well as their success in cultivating a unique global network of industry partners. As Monstercat Silk, our mission is to deepen and diversify Monstercat’s existing musical offerings with a wider range of electronic subgenres.”

Monstercat Silk is the third Monstercat brand that has been established thus far and is inspired by the emotional and influential power that music has on our lives. With the arrival of Monstercat’s third brand, they will be expanding to six total releases per week between Silk, Uncaged, and Instinct. Having accumulated over 2.6 billion audio streams and 1.3 million weekly active listeners on their radio program, ‘Call of the Wild,’ in 2020, Monstercat is continuing to push its boundaries and its musical influence by announcing its strategic acquisition of Silk Music.

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Stream Shingo Nakamura latest single, ‘Glow,’ here.

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