Audiotistic, New Music, & Animations: Moore Kismet Interview

Moore Kismet

A Look Into the Young Prodigy’s Life, Music, and More

Moore Kismet is a trailblazer for the new generation and is setting a new standard for the dance music industry. They are only 17 years old and have already performed at some of the biggest festivals, including this year’s EDC Las Vegas and Lollapalooza. Kismet’s unique sound and energetic stage presence have captivated audiences of all sizes. We were able to hang out with Moore Kismet at Audiotistic San Diego to talk about music, recent shows, and more!

EDM Maniac: Hey, Omar! How are you doing today?

Moore Kismet: Hi, I’m doing good! How are you?

EDM Maniac: I’m wonderful! Thank you for asking! So, you’re here at Audiotistic and you were just in San Francisco for Audio Bay Area. How was San Francisco for you?

Moore Kismet: San Francisco Audiotistic was absolutely insane. I had a blast and honestly, it was nothing like I expected. It was my first time ever performing in the Bay Area. Everyone working there was so so kind and so sweet. I got to see my friends and the stage that I played — I didn’t know it was a take over stage for Bite This, but I found out I was like ‘Oh sh*t! Cool’. Jauz is cool. I love that. So, I got to do that set and it was one of my favorite sets of the year. It was pretty fun.

EDM Maniac: Oh, I love that! That’s so sick! And what can we expect from your set here at Audiotistic San Diego?

Moore Kismet: As far as my set tonight goes, crazier than the San Francisco one but a lot of the same songs. You’re going to hear a lot from me personally. A lot of the stuff that I have been making so far I’ve been dying to play to live audiences and I finally. get the opportunity to do that. I’m really stoked because I haven’t played a show in 3 weeks and Audiotistic SF was my first one back. So, I’m just really excited.

EDM Maniac: Yes! So you’re just ready to crush it! What has been your favorite festival memory this year?

Moore Kismet: My favorite festival memory has to have been getting to meet Alison Wonderland. Getting to see Alison Wonderland again after a year of us first meeting at the Goldie Awards.

EDM Maniac: Awesome! What is she like?

Moore Kismet: Best human being on the planet. Hands down.

EDM Maniac: Haha, I love that. Would you collab with her?

Moore Kismet: It’s in the works! We’ve been talking about it.

EDM Maniac: Oh, it’s already in the works! I look forward to hearing it! As you may know, you’re one of the youngest people to perform at EDC Las Vegas and pretty much every festival. How does that feel?


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Moore Kismet: You know, I’ve never truly known how to articulate my feelings about it or how to pinpoint it, but it’s been so crazy. It’s been such a blessing to be able to do this before I hit 18, you know? I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ve been wanting to do this my whole life, so to see it finally coming to fruition just means the world to me.

EDM Maniac: We’re making dreams come true out here! You’re latest single also just came out a couple of days ago, called “Call of the Unicorn”. Can you tell us a little bit about that track?

Moore Kismet: Yes! “Call of the Unicorn” is a track that I just put out a few days ago with my homegirl, Tasha Baxter, on the label that I am signed to, which is Thrive Music and Universal Music. Getting the chance to work with Tasha, a legend in dance music, was just the best thing ever. She’s so kind, incredibly insightful, and creative. Getting to work with her for the lyrics of the song was just incredible.

Fun fact, actually, this song was supposed to come out as the first single from the album, not “Rumor”. But, we obviously put out “Rumor” instead and as you can see, that has been doing incredibly well. We wanted to end the year with “Call of the Unicorn” because it was the first track I ever wrote for the album, so it made sense to end this chapter of this era with it. Then we go into the new year going full force with the next 2 singles and then show everyone the full album.

EDM Maniac: That’s awesome! What was your inspiration for the song?

Moore Kismet: Uhm, it’s just about feeling like a badass! You know, reaching into that inner confidence within yourself and making sure that you know that you will always be amazing and you should not let anyone dull your shine.

EDM Maniac: I love the positivity that goes into the song! Do you have any new projects that you are working on now?

Moore Kismet: As of right now, music-related? No. But, I am in the process of launching an animation studio/production company dedicated to marginalized creatives in film, television, and animation. And other mediums as well, but mainly those 3.

It’s something that I’ve been working on since I was little because my dream — before I got into music, my dream had always been to be a screenwriter and animator. Quarantine gave me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rediscover that passion. So, that’s what I’ve been doing since quarantine and in and out of working on music and touring.

Moore Kismet

EDM Maniac: Props to you for accomplishing so much already! When does that [animation studio] launch?

Moore Kismet: We’re hoping next year, but we will see what happens. Things take time, especially launching a whole ass company. So, fingers crossed next year.

EDM Maniac: That, touring, and making music will definitely keep you busy! What are 3 fun facts that you don’t think your fans know about you?

Moore Kismet: Uhm, I technically have a 6th finger on my left arm? Like my left hand. It’s not really a full finger, but it’s like a tiny little bump. My mom and I consider it my birthmark because we both were born with it at the same exact place, so we both have ’em.

There is a signature stable sound that I use in all of my songs. It’s actually a moan from a gay porn anime *laughs*.

And finally, I have never had a boyfriend.

EDM Maniac: Alrighty! And finally, if you could leave one message with your fans, what would it be?

Moore Kismet: No matter how horrible your day has been, always try to look for a positive.

EDM Maniac: Great! That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for chatting with me!

Moore Kismet: No yeah, thank you!

Be sure to keep up with Moore Kismet on their journey to take over the dance music industry on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out Moore Kismet’s top tracks on Spotify below!

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