Music Venues In New York Will Reopen Next Month

The music lives on! New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo will allow live music events/concert venues to reopen at reduced capacity starting next month.

According to Cumo, starting April 2nd, indoor venues will be able to operate at 33% capacity. Indoor venues will immediately be able to reopen at a max of 100 guests, and 150 if the venue is able to provide COVID testing. Outdoor shows can have 200 attendees, and up to 500 if COVID tests are given. Masks must be worn and there must be social distancing.

The news from the Governor comes as states are slowly beginning to reopen as cases seemingly begin to fall across the country.

However, although this news is exciting, the news is coming with a degree of complication, especially for small business owners. Venues that were previously closed may not be able to cover operational costs if events are at reduced capacity, and with social distancing. The costs may prove too much for some venue owners.

So while the music is back, time will only tell what venues (if any) decide to move forward with these restrictions, and most importantly — how they will be enforced.

Source: The New York Times

Photo: Jesse Echevarria

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