Nearly 10,000 People Attended Illegal Rave in France This Past Weekend

This past weekend, nearly 10,000 people attended an illegal rave in Cévennes National Park, a remote location in the Lozère part of France. According to Local FR, the event started Saturday night and progressed throughout the weekend. Officials said no social distancing protocols were implemented and there were tons of drunk people, making it extremely difficult to disperse the crowd. The best they could do was issue violations for public intoxication. 

Mixmag reports: “Authorities set up testing facilities and handed out water, face masks and hand sanitizer while the event was locked down, with Red Cross personnel also called to the scene for health and safety reasons. People were gradually allowed to leave on Monday afternoon.” This part of France has seen particularly low cases of the Coronavirus, but officials are worried the event could potentially turn into a “super-spreader” event. 

“People from Lozère take Covid very seriously, they have respected the distancing measures and this massive influx of people who flout all the rules has shocked them profoundly,” local Préfet Valerie Hatsch, said on Sunday.  Only time will tell what impact the event will have on France’s Coronavirus cases.

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