NERO Drops Edit To 1983’s Iconic Song, ‘Relax’

NERO has released a brand new edit to 1983’s ‘Relax.’

NERO has released their third edit which is part of a series of edits that have been released over the course of the past two weeks. The series kicked off last week with NERO releasing a rendition to Tame Impala’s ‘Disciples’ and more recently the trio released an edit to the legendary French duo Daft Punk’s hit tune, ‘Emotion.’ It’s been nearly 3 years since the trio has released music and now they are back in full force with the release of 3 new edits.

There will be more additional edits to be released within the coming weeks. Although we do not have exact dates, it is reassuring to see that the legendary trio is re-emerging onto the scene. Deemed one of the most prominent dance music acts we have seen in the last decade, it is exciting that the trio is producing music once again. It will be interesting to find out which track NERO decides to edit next; let us know which song you think it will be and what song you would like to see the trio remix next!

Stream NERO’s latest edit here.

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