Nero Releases Brand New Remix To Daft Punk’s ‘Emotion’

Nero has returned for the first time in over two years with the release of a marvelous new remix to Daft Punk’s ‘Emotion.’

It’s been about a month since legendary French duo Daft Punk called it quits. Since then, we have been seeing various tributes that have been exemplified across various social media platforms and now, we have been gifted with a spectacular new Nero remix with the release of ‘Emotion‘ (Nero Edit). The song pays tribute to Daft Punk’sEmotion‘ which was released back in 2005 on their album, Human After All. Emotion‘ is the final song on that album and is most likely the feeling the trio had when producing the remix.

The Nero remix sounds very similar to the original in terms of the bassline. Where the real difference comes in is later on in the track with the various synths and looping that is exemplified throughout the duration of the track. Overall, Nero’s remix is a beautiful new tribute to the recently departed Daft Punk.

Stream ‘Emotoin‘ (Nero Edit) here.

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