New Book On Women Of Electronic Music To Release Next Month

Suzanne Ciani working on her first vinyl release in 1969 (Photo via The Vinyl Factory)

The book will highlight 95 pioneering women of electronic music from artists around the world

Johann Merrich will release a brand-new book next month that will be called, ‘A Short History of Electronic Music and its Women Protagonists’ which will focus on 95 composers from around the world and their individual contributions to electronic music. The 95 composers that will be featured in the book include Delia Derbyshire, Pauline Oliveros, Lucie Rosen, Daphne Oram, Suzane Ciani, Teresa Rampazzi, among many others.

The book’s 95 composers will come from all parts of the wording including Russia, India, North American, Japan, Europe, and Latin America. The book will dive into how these incredible composers developed their own unique talent and ‘artistic language’ using developing technologies in the last century. The book will also include unpublished research and original studies, including letters and updated interpretations of previous books.

Despite the book releasing next month, the book was first released in 2019 but was written only in Italian. This is the first time that the book will be available in English, which will be released on July 1st via Amazon.

Learn more about the author, Johan Merrich, by clicking here.

H/T – Mixmag

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