New York City Might Soon Have 24-Hour Party Districts

If the proposal is accepted, nightlife in New York City could last all night long

The New York City Office of Nightlife (ONL) revealed its first documented report this summer, which contained ideas such as a nightlife museum and other financial efforts to help soundproof various clubs around the city. For those who are unaware of what ONL is or what it does, ONL was created to help support struggling music venues during the pandemic and helped establish and coordinate various solutions to help support the nighttime economy, culture, and way of life. ONL has had multiple major contributions that have helped New York City’s nightlife through this difficult time, however, ONL’s most major contribution is its recent proposal to introduce 24-hour entertainment districts, which would allow citizens within these districts, the ability to party all night long.

The report states that “Allowing 24-hour use in specified districts if implemented properly, can help people to move at their own pace and reduce conflicts.” The report further references three cities that have already implemented 24-hour entertainment districts – Amsterdam, Toko, and Santiago de Cali, Colombia. According to the report, all three cities have seen a boost in tourism and a safer late-night environment. If implemented, the proposal could help boost tourism and attract more people to certain districts of New York City, which would help make up for the financial hardships many nightlife destinations suffered throughout lockdown.

The conversation to implement 24-hour entertainment districts in New York City is ongoing, so we’ll be sure to update you as soon as a decision is reached.

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