Hear Nitosphere’s Chill Approach To Future Bass With “Obvious”

Future Bass fans should be on the lookout for Nitosphere.

Jonathan Wu (the artist’s real name) has been around music all his life. Wu was a metal vocalist in a band and played violin in his early years. This background gave him the musical ear to teach himself music production.

Now, Wu is dropping tracks with a relaxed approach to future bass, but with the same intricacies as artists who are at the top of the genre. Nitosphere is true to the sound, but unique in his chill and slower approach to the impact. He describes the project as future trap with smooth and striking melodies, as seen in his most recent release.

Obvious” (ft. Glasscat) tells the story of falling back in love with an old flame and being stuck on “more than just a crush.” The slow-building intro with Glasscat’s haunting voice drops into an intensely emotional melody that asks “am I making it obvious?”

The subject matter is painfully familiar for listeners who have ever found themselves caught up in a potential significant other. This track took over half a year to make and the detail in production truly shows.

Wu’s music has similar chill but powerful drops to ARMNHMR, but with some of the sad boy lyrics and vocals like Dabin. Wu isn’t afraid to experiment, mixing extremes such as stillness and motion, heaviness and softness, and dark and light.

Check out “Obvious (featuring glasscat) in full below.

Featured image from Nitosphere

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