Interview: Noizu On Moving From The UK To LA & Never Losing His Performance Shades

The best of the UK and LA collide in Noizu: a house music producer of nothing but “heaters only.”

He made his debut in 2017 with support from industry legends Chris Lake and Skrillex when he released “Lasers” on their curated compilation HOWSLA, and he’s continued to turn out banger after banger like “LFO” and “Wavey.”

Now he’s a label boss with his own imprint, Techne Records, and he’s performed at festivals and venues all over the world like Club Space, Eden Ibiza, EDC Mexico, Mysteryland, and more.

We spoke with Noizu just ahead of his headlining performance at AREA15‘s Galactic Zoo and his landmark, personally curated show at the Hollywood Palladium to talk about his sound, upcoming music, and signature sunglasses:

EDM Maniac: You are originally from the UK but now you live in LA. How did you first begin producing and what led you to the States?

Noizu: I started when I was 13 and  I was just making all sorts of different music. I had a career when I was 22 and I was producing big-room EDM and progressive house, kind of like Calvin Harris. It was fun and I kind of miss that era.

And then I moved to LA seven years ago to start again and try and refresh my career. It took me probably about a year and a half to refine what I wanted to do.

I was a bit lost, to be honest. And then I started Noizu and it just kept growing. There was no overnight boom but it just kept growing every year until now.

So we moved over and started from scratch which is really scary, but it paid off in the end and was the best decision I ever made.

EDM Maniac: Your sound can be described as minimalistic and nostalgic. Can you describe your production process and how you developed your sound?

Noizu: I wouldn’t say every song I do sounds the same. If I do a song, I’m not going to try and recreate the same one over and over again.

In general, I like to approach songs more minimalistically. Not too busy, not too much going on, and a simplistic vibe. With some songs like “Baby, Baby” and “Summer 91” I try and take influences from the 90s.

EDM Maniac: Your sound is incredibly uplifting with the positive, summer energy that makes you feel good. What do you want your audience to take away from your music?

Noizu: To be honest, I love the idea of people putting on the music when they’re grilling outside, hanging with their friends, or just partying at home. I do go quite dark, but in general, I try and have fun with it and make people happy.

I like sunset shows with day drinking, nice weather, and just a fun vibe. And also being from England, where in general the weather’s really bad, it’s quite nice to do stuff like that that you can’t do there.


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EDM Maniac: Your signature look is the round black sunglasses. Do you have a bunch of them and cycle through them? 

Noizu: Originally when I first started the project, it was going to be a cartoon that had these round sunglasses. And as I began playing more shows I thought, “Oh, I suppose when I play I should try and look like the cartoon.”

So I had these gold, circle Ray Bans and I got them in a mall on sale. It was before I had even done one show or had one song out yet for this project.

And I still use the same ones and I’ve never lost them. I’ve probably lost about 18 USB sticks and like seven headphones. But for some reason, the glasses have stayed on the whole time.

Originally I wanted to be more like the Gorillaz, the UK band, where everything would be animated and cartoon-based. But basically, that was too expensive to keep doing all the time, so I had to become human.

Honestly, I’d love to do a concept album one day. At the moment I drop four to six records a year and mainly tour all the time. So I’d love to maybe slow down in the future and spend time on an album and do a whole visual concept with it.

EDM Maniac: In September, you’ll be headlining Area15’s Galactic Zoo. What can we expect from this immersive set?

Noizu: I think we’re going to do something cool there because it’s such an amazing venue. I’m going to be testing out a load of new music there as well.

For something like that and for the Hollywood Palladium, I’m going to curate the set more to the visuals and the lights and make more of a show. Maybe find a few weird records that would fit the theme.

The Hollywood Palladium is November 3 and we’re getting custom visuals for it and we’re going to make a special stage, so AREA15 is not too far before that.

EDM Maniac: What else can we expect from you for the rest of 2023? 

Noizu: My next single is called “Vogue” and that’s coming out September 8. I’ve been playing it for maybe eight months and I keep getting loads of messages about that particular song.

Then I’m doing a collaboration with Martin Ikin, and I may have a special flip of a trance classic coming out sometime next year. We’ve also got loads of new music from different unknown artists coming on Techne Records.

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