Nora En Pure Revives Bach Classic In New Track ‘Enchantment’

This past year has been incredible for the South African-Swiss deep house legend Nora En Pure with several hit releases including ‘All I Need‘ and ‘Wetlands.’ This week, the female dance music powerhouse is concluding the year with another incredible track release titled ‘Enchantment.’ Appropriately titled, the track is an enchanting escape that mixes an 18th century classic with a contemporary twist layered with her signature deep house style.

For the past two years in a row, Nora En Pure has won the International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) for Best Female House Artist. Her entirely unique style and overall talent are consistently showcased in each track she releases, drawing inspiration from a variety of sounds and scenes that often incorporate classical instruments and exotic influences. As a passionate traveller, Nora En Pure frequently creates ethereal music that gives a senes of wonder and wanderlust. This type of vibe is well-noted in the track ‘Enchantment,’ which starts off with a cello melody from Bach’s original  ‘Cello  Suite No.1 in G Major’ released in 1717.

The six-piece cello suite is mixed with Nora’s deep house signature that completely revives this beautiful chamber classic. The track is nothing short of mesmerizing, creating a calm yet uplifting feeling with bits of energy tuned with smooth bass and perfectly placed synths. The electronic music scene has been awaiting a track that not only effortlessly blends an orchestra classic with modern dance, but entirely enhances the original throughout. Nora En Pure fully embraced the original while adding a new touch that brings it to life. Sebastian Bach would certainly be proud of this fusion and you will definitely be playing this on repeat! Check it out here.

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