OHMYGi Breaks Language And Genre Barriers With “I’m Danger”

Electronic music is a worldwide phenomenon, and Chilean-born producer OHMYGi, real name Gisela Lindhorst, burnishes this truth on her debut single, “I’m Danger.”

All throughout the track, Lindhorst balances different influences with her sheer intensity. She combines singing and rapping. She combines English lyrics with her native Spanish. Sonically, the track sits in the middle ground of bass music where descriptors like “heavy” and “grueling” replace genre titles.

The message of the track serves its composition as Lindhorst reminds listeners that humans were not meant to be suppressed. They were meant to show the world who they are, and when they do that without inhibition, they are dangerous.

“We cannot remain caged by letting our youth, days and lives go while being limited by mental fears, lack of opportunities or social injustices. We have the power to write our history if we have the necessary willpower and self-control; even more we have creativity that allows us to leave a trace of our change in the same act. The final message lies in the fact that to build a better society; we must play an active role independently and in a group. Both are necessary to integrate permanent changes in our humanity,” Lindhorst says.

Stream “I’m Danger” by OHMYGi below. Music video is coming this Friday, December 17.

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