Okeechobee Kicks off Festival Season

Okeechobee Music & Arts festival is right around the corner to kickoff festival season! Located in Okeechobee, Florida, this location offers the summertime vibes on the first weekend of March – providing a break from the middle of winter for many folks that travel there. It is also happening around the time that colleges are let out for Spring Break and the weekend before BUKU Music & Arts festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The festival in it’s self has provided the feeling of living the life as a beach bum for a weekend while enjoying some of the best artists in a variety of music. The curators pickings of artists does not stick to one genre of music. Okeechobee offers the opportunity to see Halsey to Bassnectar to Snoop Dogg to Tycho and those in between for the 4 day weekend.

Ticketing options are offered through Eventbrite. As of January 17th, 2018, Eventbrite is offering one General Admission ticket for $279.00, not including taxes and fees. This pass does not come with car camping.

Eventbrite also offers a bundle that includes two General Admission tickets that is paired with a car camping pass for $603.00, not including taxes and fees.

There is also VIP and other upgrades available.

The ticketing company, Eventbrite, is also offering the option to utilize a payment option through their partnering company Affirm. It is being advertised that you can begin your payment with $0 down, but in some cases it is known to put down some money to begin your payment plan.

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