Paul Oakenfold To Enter The Metaverse With “Perfectoverse” Performance

The legendary electronic music pioneer Paul Oakenfold continues to innovate with his new concept performance in the Metaverse called “Perfectoverse.”

This performance will feature an immersive audio/visual experience with creative imagery and an all-new set, all held in Paul Oakenfold’s personally created metaverse venue.

The three-time Grammy winner said about his foray into Web3, “PerfectoVerse is a 72-minute movie with me DJ’ing my greatest hits! It has stunning visual effects and I encourage you to check out my interactive self as an avatar, plus all the tracks have been remixed with 3D audio for an amazing new listening experience. I can’t wait to get my fan’s reactions!”

In addition to the 72-minute concert, fans will also get a bonus three-song play immersive experience, that will allow them to interact using a virtual camera to become the director in a 360° world.

Paul Oakenfold has been credited with bringing the sounds of Ibiza dance music to the UK and all throughout the world. He has production credits for both original dance music and top-tier artists like Cher, U2, and Madonna.

Paul Oakenfold’s “Perfectoverse” performance will take place on December 22, 2022. Click here to purchase tickets.

Featured image from Paul Oakenfold

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