Pendulum Release Long Awaited ‘Elemental’ EP

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‘Elemental’ is Pendulum’s first EP in 11 years

It has been a decade and some change since Pendulum has released an EP, however, that has now changed with the release of Pendulum’sElemental‘ EP, which features Pendulum’s most recent tune, ‘Louder Than Words‘ ft. Hybrid Minds. ‘Louder Than Words‘ is the fourth and final track of Pendulum’sElemental‘ EP, which also includes previously released tunes ‘Driver‘Nothing for Free‘ and ‘Come Alive.’

Pendulum’s latest EP is filled with the band’s signature drum and bass sounds that the group is most idolized for, from ‘Driver‘ to ‘Come Alive,’ Pendulum’s latest EP will take fans on a drum and bass journey. ‘Louder Than Words‘ ft. Hybrid Minds was the last single to be released on the EP, as ‘Driver‘ ‘Nothing for Free‘ and ‘Come Alive‘ all released months before it. The track’s continuous tempo and energy is the perfect last track for the long-awaited EP, which also happens to be Pendulum’s first EP release in 11 years.

Elemental‘ is available to stream on all platforms here or can be streamed below.


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