Experience Pete Tong’s ‘Ibiza Classics’ At The Hollywood Bowl

Dance legend Pete Tong will soon bring his iconic ‘Ibiza Classics’ to the world famous Hollywood Bowl.

On November 9th Tong along with the Heritage Orchestra directed by James Buckley, will bring a spectacular night of classic dance music tracks to the world famous Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Get ready to experience dance music in a whole new way.

The night is expected to be an incredible stroke of genius. Fans will get a chance to see a completely new interpretation of the world’s most popular dance tracks . Here are a few reasons why you should check out this one-of-a-kind event.

1. The Lineup

Pete Tong is bringing a 60 piece orchestra with him, and will certainly bring all of the feels. I don’t know about you but a live orchestra always brings me feels. Tong is a legend in the dance music community and every time he takes the stage it’s always a night to remember. But, not only is Tong playing, but he is also bringing along Guy Gerber, Moby, Aluna George, Aloe Blac and Biopolar Sunshine. Music from all spectrums will come together under the stars at The Hollywood Bowl.

2. The Location

The Hollywood Bowl is world-famous for a reason. If you’ve ever been, you’ll know it’s certainly one of LA’s best venues for music. The acoustics are incredible, and the energy and vibes are always special. Plus, it’s very rare to have dance music events of this kind at The Hollywood Bowl, so this will be a very unique opportunity. The last event I saw at the Bowl was Kygo, and it was absolutely epic. There’s nothing like being in Hollywood under the stars in a beautiful amphitheater listening to dance music with fireworks shooting into the sky.

Also, this is not your typical “rave” venue. The Hollywood Bowl hosts iconic performances with a very “adult” crowd. You can even bring your own wine. Talk about classy.

3. The Classics

Pete Tong will play some of dance music’s classics, including “Pjanoo” and many, many more. If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia at the Bowl, this event is going to leave you speechless. Step away from the “everybody 1, 2, 3 jump!” and take a step back in the dance music time machine to experience some of the majestic classics that make dance music so wonderful. To hear an orchestral version of these classics will simply be… legendary.

Get ready for a night of magic! Tickets for Pete Tong at The Hollywood Bowl are still on sale here.

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