Porter Robinson’s Music Officially Coming To Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution, the early 2000s video game that started Porter Robinson‘s obsession with electronic music, will now add two songs from the anime-inspired producer.

Plenty of young ravers remember stomping on the arrowed-floor pads or arcade games to euro-club-inspired electronic tracks like “Butterfly” by Smile.dk and “Love” by Sonic Dream and being entranced by their hypnotic beats.

But there are now two new Porter Robinson songs that dance music lovers can move and shuffle to. The singles are from Robinson’s Nurture album: “Something Comforting” and “Look At The Sky.”

This was a big milestone personally for the artist, sharing on his social media, “DDR was so formative in my life that I’m certain I’d be a completely different person without it. In fact, the only reason I started trying to make music as a little kid was to make songs FOR DDR.”

Read Porter Robinson’s full announcement below:


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