Porter Robinson Has Started A Charitable Fund To Fight Burkitt Lymphoma

Porter Robinson recently announced he and his family have started a charitable fund called the Robinson Malawi Fund. This charitable foundation is intended to help fight cases of Burkitt Lymphoma in the nation of Malawi, Africa.

Porter Robinson developed a connection to this particular disease when his brother, Mark Robinson, was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma back in 2016. As he supported his brother through the healing process (Mark is completely healthy today), Porter learned that this disease is a serious issue in Malawi.

While the recovery rate in the US is 90 percent for Burkitt lymphoma, the recovery rate in Malawi is 29 percent, and the disease primarily affects children, adolescents, and teenagers.

After learning of these statistics, the Robinson family started the Robinson Malawi Fund. At the first edition of Second Sky in 2019, Porter matched donations from attendees which, ending up with a total of $154,000. That amount covered necessities for all the patients of Burkitt Lymphoma in Malawi for two years.

Check out a video below from Porter Robinson on the story behind the fund, and their goals for the future. To donate to the fund and learn more information, click here.

Featured image by Dan Regan

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