Porter Robinson’s ‘Look At The Sky’ Will Have An Engulfing Audiovisual Experience

This past week, Porter Robinson has continued to build up the hype for his upcoming album, Nurture by releasing, ‘Look At The Sky‘ and announcing a brand new 360-degree audiovisual experience. The new audiovisual experience will come from Active Theory, a team of designers and developers whose expertise is in VR & AR experiences. The combination of Porter and the team at Active Theory will help transform Porter’s latest release into a stunning virtual landscape.

The new audiovisual experience can be viewed solely on mobile devices and WebVR. Nurture is scheduled to be released on April 23, but make sure you check out Porter’s stunning audiovisual experience.

View Porter’s new audiovisual experience here. Listen to, ‘Look At The Sky,’ below.

Feature Photo – Rukes.com

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