Mysterious Melodic Artist PRAANA Revealed To Be Headlining Duo Tritonal

This Never Happened alum and mysterious artist PRAANA has been revealed to be none other than an alias of trance/progressive duo Tritonal.

The deep and melodic side project has been shrouded in mystery since its debut three years ago with “Mohave” and continuous release of introspective singles.

At their first North American performance for Lane 8’s concert at LA Historic Park in 2022, many expected to finally find out the identity of the producer.

But now, Tritonal has unveiled themselves in a special joint Instagram post, announcing not only a Reddit AMA on the project, but also that they are working on a full PRAANA album.

Speaking on PRAANA and their decision to use an alias, Tritonal said, “For the last three years we’ve been composing and producing deep melodic music under another moniker, PRAANA. This has given us both time and inner space to curate new music authentically without the expectation or filtration of whatever is thought of as being ‘Tritonal worthy’ and we’ve subsequently released around 25 records.”

They continued, “We’ve had so much fun being able to write music from the refuge of anonymity. PRAANA gives us a home for introspective music which is grounding and centering. It also provides a new artistic outlet to explore more deeply the inner connectedness of music & metaphysics.”

Check out Tritonal’s reveal as PRAANA below:


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