How To Prepare Your Body for a Music Festival

Sunset at Coachella in Indio, CA, USA on 13 April, 2014.

Festival season has started! If you love music festivals and have one or two lined up for this season, keep reading so you are well prepared for your next event. Some people come more prepared than others, but with these tips you will be doing your body a favor after the festival ends.

It is crucial to get your body prepared for all the fun and exertion. Stretching goes a long way for your body. You could be dancing for 10 hours or longer, and possibly for multiple days. Focus on stretching your legs and lower back or even doing some light workouts. Stretching at the festival in between sets is also helpful too!

Feeling down and not having any energy at a festival is not fun so build up your immune system. Exercise regularly, get enough sleep and load your body with vitamins, fruits, and veggies. Vitamin C, Echinacea, or some other supplement will work as well.

Protect your hearing. Buy earplugs, your ears will thank you. I use DUBS, they are inexpensive and work great. You can also go even cheaper and get the silicone kind from a local drugstore. Hearing protection is very important, you could end up with tinnitus (ringing of ears) and could lead to permanent hearing loss in the future.

Wear comfortable shoes and save your feet some pain. Festivals are huge, you can catch yourself walking miles depending what festival you are at. You could be at one end of the venue and need to walk to the other end to catch your favorite artist, and then back again later. Avoid blisters and fatigue by investing in comfortable shoes.

Last but not least, stay hydrated. Water will give you energy and keep you from getting sick or getting heat exhaustion. If you are planning on drinking alcohol at the event, drink even more water. Many festivals have free water refill stations so bring your water bottle or hydration pack and fill up and stay hydrated! I love using my Vibedration hydration pack at festivals. They have tons of stylish designs and sizes on their website. Check them out at and use code “MARXOXO” for a discount on your purchase and use it at your next event!

Featured Photo By: Marv Watson

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