Take A Private Jet To Your Next Festival… For Cheap

Thinking about flying to your next festival?  Your next flight could be on a private jet. For cheap.

California based company JetSuite is looking to change the you fly with their new product, JetSuiteX. JetSuiteX is a public charter company which currently flies to seven destinations. JetSuiteX is the ultimate solution for those looking to escape the perils of flying commercial while still receiving world-class treatment.

Let’s be honest — flying commercial can be a hassle. It always is. A 45 minute flight out of LAX can turn out to be a 4 hour ordeal. Long security lines, baggage wait times and more are just some of the routine struggles we all face while flying commercial. We’ve almost gotten so used to it that we kind of just accept it for what it is. 

But that’s all changing.

Earlier this year, JetSuite announced JetSuiteX, an incredibly new affordable way to purchase a seat on a private jet for the price of commercial fares. Forget those ugly large planes, baggage fees and restrictions, and say hello to gorgeous private jets, free beverages, free wifi, free inflight entertainment and no wait times.

JetSuiteX is a private jet service, without the hassles of going through TSA and those crowded airports. JetSuiteX currently has 5 30-seat jets in their fleet, which get you to/from Burbank, CA; Las Vegas; San Jose; Concord; Carlsbad; Mammoth and Bozeman, MT. The best part? You don’t need to break the bank when hopping on a JetSuiteX flight. The prices are quite often comparable to flying commercial, and in our own experience, we found tickets on JetSuiteX cheaper than flying on some major airlines. 

Gone are the days where you have to pay for drinks on a flight. JetSuiteX provides you with two complimentary alcoholic drinks of your choice. That’s right. Free! There’s also power outlets, and even free Wifi on JetSuiteX flights. Get a buzz going on the way to Vegas for your next trip, and don’t worry about pinching pennies till you hit the strip!

“JetSuiteX is making flying enjoyable again and it is proved in every part of the JetSuiteX customer experience,”  said Chris Bernabe, Sr. Marketing Manager at JetSuite.

JetSuiteX is changing everything. Affordable flights without the annoying and bothersome experience of flying commercial. So of course we had to try it out.

We recently took a flight from Life Is Beautiful Festival in Vegas, to Burbank (where they have their own private terminal!) and we were absolutely speechless. We showed up 25 minutes before our flight, were greeted with a complimentary beverage and then escorted on the tarmac into the jet. About 30 people were on flight, all of which were basking in the private jet experience. We plugged in our phone, connected to the wifi to post on Instagram and in minutes we were in the air. Although just a 45 minute flight from Vegas, in the air we were treated to free beverages and snacks by JetSuiteX’s very friendly in-air hostess. When the plane landed, our luggage was brought to us concierge style, less than 5 minutes later. We arrived in JetSuiteX’s private terminal in Burbank, and just two minutes later we got in an Uber (without hassle!) and were on our way home to Hollywood. It was without a doubt the smoothest flying experience we’ve ever encountered.

Are you convinced yet? With festivals in Vegas (ahem, Electric Daisy Carnival!) and up North in California, if you’re flying, JetSuiteX is hands down the way to go. You can even get special deals and charter an entire jet for you and your fam! Imagine that. Flying to a festival on a private jet with your rave fam? It doesn’t get any better than that. It would also be awesome to see festivals partner with JetSuite!

While JetSuiteX currently serves the west coast, who knows where they might expand to in the future. But the future sure does look bright. One thing is for sure — this changes everything. Flying just got a whole lot easier and consider us spoiled. Forever. 

For more information and to book your next flight on JetSuiteX, visit this link.


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