Product Review: How Fusion Smartband Creates the “Third Place”

When we first heard about the Fusion™ smartband a few things came to our mind. How was this product going to enhance our experience when we are out at a club or event or when we are just at home kicking back with friends? We recently had the chance to test Fusion smartband and came to one final conclusion: Fusion smartband is not only truly different than what’s out there right now, but it’s a product that you can use in a variety of ways, both in and out of the nightlife scene.

We took Fusion smartband for a test drive at home and listened to one of our favorite Kaskade tracks of all time, “4am.” Many people love “4am” because of the way the track calms you down and puts you in a blissful state of mind. For us, it’s a song we listen to when we want to wind down and just chill out. That’s always been the case for us.

When we played “4am,” with Fusion smartband we immediately saw how responsive the smartband was and how it almost created a dream-like sequence for us. Lights and sounds drive a lot of our memorable experiences at shows, and it’s those moments that we remember—when the beat drops and the lights go crazy or synchronize with the music. Those are typically the moments when we grab our phones, just watch the lights become a part of our music experience, and really take it to the next level. After all, we attend EDM events not just for the music, but for the visual experience.

So what happens when you take the visual experience—that special moment that you have at a show (with the lights and music)—to your home? Well let’s just say, it creates that experience all over again for you to enjoy. The brightness of Fusion smartbands really caught our attention too. The pulsating lights were really amazing—they practically lit up the corner of our room.

The first thing we thought was, “Imagine if a bunch of our friends put on Fusion smartband.” This could change the kickbacks that we have with our friends. If we were about to go out or coming home from a long night, all we needed are some Fusion smartbands to set the mood. For us, listening to Kaskade’s “4am” and watching Fusion smartband recreate the connection between the visual and musical experience allowed us to step back and enjoy the music even more. After all, we are music enthusiasts.


When reviewing Fusion smartband, its creators gave us a unique opportunity to check out how this was being used outside of the EDM scene. From creating alerts on an iPhone (wow!) to seeing a garage band play a set while wearing the smartbands, we couldn’t help but think that the value in this kind of product is not just the lights, but the emotions and “third place” it creates. The third place concept is something Starbucks values and something it has created. Starbucks is not only known as a place that sells great coffee, but it has created a third place experience by not just being a coffee shop but by creating a community for people to come and hang out. Often times we’ll want to meet with some clients and wonder where can we do a quick interview? That place will be Starbucks—the third place.

Fusion smartband is creating that “third place.” Fusion smartband enhances your music experience. The “third place” is that experience and will let EDM fans enjoy their music even more. It’s a way of connecting people to the music and to each other. When thinking of products that are similar and are on the market right now, we couldn’t think of any that creates the “third place” which is why we are in love with Fusion smartband even more. In a time where the prices for things are higher than ever before, we all want to know that what we’re buying is going to provide us with something special. The connection between Fusion smartband and the third place is an investment in a not only a product, but an experience that you can take with you wherever you are.

The iPod transformed the way we listen to music. Fusion smartband is transforming the way we SEE music and we’re certain Fusion smartband will not only do that, but so much more.

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