Project Rave – The World’s First Decentralized Music Festival

The starving artist trope is finally getting a rebrand. We’ve seen a shift in creators taking back ownership of their creations with artists like 3LAU making over 11.6 million with his recent NFT Drop “Ultraviolet.” Not only are other smaller creators jumping on board, but industry professionals are recognizing a unique opportunity to facilitate this emerging idea of decentralized music industry. Ravers Universe, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) community of music enthusiasts and professionals are working hard on their mission to bring power back to the individual creator with Project Rave, the world’s first decentralized music festival.

Decentralized industries remove the middleman between creator and consumer, and in the music industry that means sidestepping major labels, gatekeepers to Spotify Playlists, and other key resources that make “making it” in the music industry possible. With the middleman removed, creators can not only control how they brand themselves online but directly receive the profits from their creations thanks to NFT’s. NFT’s, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are algorithmically created tokens of ownership created for a piece of art shared on a blockchain marketplace.

Raver’s Universe will have 10,000 NFT’s RaveBoy and RaveGirl tokens minted on their website in January, where each is completely unique and algorithmically generated. Token holders will not only gain whitelist access to exclusive NFT drops and free festival tickets but also will have voting power towards the creation of Project Rave.


Raver’s Universe

Project Rave will be held in 2022 in Miami, FL for their token holders and will be showcasing upcoming music producers and DJs in the local community. The mission behind Project Rave is to be a hub for music decentralization, by being at the forefront of NFT marketing and facilitating the overall development of independent artists. Independent artists in our community will get access to industry professionals and resources to teach them how to grow their brand using NFTs, event marketing, and traditional marketing techniques. The team behind Ravers Universe sees these creators as not only major influencers over creative and consumer culture but see them as key players in a marketplace that’s driven by visual and audio content consumption. Their goal is to help them secure ownership over the creations that are shaping our society today.

Their founder, Jonathan Paris (also known as Dr. Solana), is responsible for the vision behind Raver’s Universe. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in neuroscience and is specifically interested in the pleasure-reward pathway of the brain. During his clinical interactions with patients during medical school, he learned how important preventative medicine is for population health. In his own words, “Music does not only drive stimulation of the mesolimbic pathway in our brains, but it also provides both a prophylactic and therapeutic benefit for millions of listeners moment-to-moment every day. The creators of music, art and other content should be recognized and rewarded for their service to increase the health of our society, and the best way to do this is to bring public awareness to decentralize the music industry.”

Project Rave will be the first event of its kind, already drawing the attention and support from big DJs such as @Autokorekt on Instagram and influencers who are willing to promote the event and the message it stands for. After the difficulties content creators struggled with during the pandemic, Project Rave hopes to foster a like-minded community while revitalizing the individual creator with a sense of agency. If you are interested in decentralizing the music industry, spread the word about Project Rave.

The Ravers Universe NFT Drop will be in January. Join the Discord now for a chance to get whitelisted and access more information about how you can support or attend Project Rave.


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