TomorrowWorld 2014: Pack A Poncho – It Might Rain!


After months and months of waiting, TomorrowWorld 2014 is almost here. It’s just days away and many of you have already started packing, others are waiting until the last minute. Just be sure you are prepared for the elements this year.

We didn’t have any rain or bad weather last year. It was sunny, hot and humid during the day. At night, it was cold and damp. This year it could be wet.

According to ACCUWEATHER, there is SOME rain in the forecast.

The festival is projected to start out dry on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Highs will be around 80 or so, with lows dropping into the 60’s. This is perfect festival weather. On Sunday and Monday expect some wet weather to possibly roll through the Chattahoochie Hills. According to the forecast, the rain will fall Sunday evening, when the festival is coming to a close. SO….be sure to pack a poncho, rain jacket and an extra tarp to cover your tent and any belongings in your community camp area. I have friends from Georgia, and they tell me the weather is so crazy – it could rain a little – or not at all. They add just to check the forecast the day before the festival to get a more accurate picture.  Still, be sure to pack accordingly.

I think the rain could add an extra element – similar to how the rain fell during Armin Van Buuren’s set last year at Tomorrowland. Check out this video – the rain made it a wet and wild night to remember:

Again, the forecast is changing daily, so be sure to check it as we get closer to the festival. See you in a few days!



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