Artist Spotlight: Meet Spain’s Ramiro Lopez

The positive light and pure excitement that Ramiro Lopez has for life is directly reflected into his music. The Spanish DJ turned producer has been on the electronic music scene since 1996 after finally taking the plunge into music as a career after spending years mixing music as a hobby. With a passion that arose from childhood days spent listening to radio shows and exploring music, then progressing into mixing, and then taking the stage at clubs across Spain as his talent and energy transpired across lively crowds.

With an eclectic taste in music and a consistently evolving style, Ramiro Lopez has transcended the past two decades as a veteran figure in electronic music not just in Spain but around the world. After transitioning from the club life to the studio life, Ramiro Lopez took on the role of producer in addition to DJ. It was at this point that his passion for music exploded, releasing hits like “Clap Your Hands” via Drumcode and “This & That” via INTEC. Currently, Ramiro Lopez is at the helm of Odd Recordings, an Indo-Spanish label known for showcasing “the raw side of techno” with a fresh take on the genre.

Behind all the music is a person truly inspired by the energy around him and the ability to move crowds. For this reason, his music often crosses over genres as he creates music that awakens the crowd and creates happiness across the dance floor. In an interview with EDM Maniac, Ramiro Lopez states “…the people, feeling the crowd, the audience, all that energy is so important to me.”

Even throughout the downturns for everyone in the music industry during quarantine, Ramiro Lopez has continued to keep a positive light shining by channeling his energy into new music. Currently, he is working on new releases coming out in the early half of this year along with a new album release set for release next year. The new album features sixteen tracks so far and counting.

EDM Maniac: How are you doing today? We are so excited to have you!

Ramiro Lopez: Now I am really excited. It’s been a great day with all the people and recording.

EDM Maniac: How have you been holding up during lockdowns?

Ramiro Lopez: Quarantine is treating me…I don’t know what to say…like everybody I suppose! Now I am trying to be positive all the time and be patient, I think that’s the most important thing right now. So yeah, we’ll have to resist and hopefully this is going to end soon.

EDM Maniac: Have you been working on anything new in the studio during the past year?

Ramiro Lopez: Yeah, I’ve been working on a lot of stuff during the quarantine! Actually, I’ve been working on my new album, my first album. I am planning to release it next year. I have like sixteen tracks already. And also, there are some new releases coming in the first part of the year, so I am really looking forward to that. So yeah, I really can’t wait to show you all my music next year.

EDM Maniac: What do you miss most about live shows?

Ramiro Lopez: The main thing, it’s the people. Of course, the contact with the people, feeling the crowd, the audience, all that energy is so important to me and I really, really miss that. I really miss the travel, knowing new people, going to different countries. I really, really want this situation to end soon. I really want to go back.

EDM Maniac: Any words to share with us today?

Ramiro Lopez: Yes, thanks to Insomniac TV and EDM Maniac!

Make sure to tune into Ramiro’s set at the Circuito DR7 in Tarancón, Spain by tuning in to InsomniacTV’s Twitch and YouTube channels this Friday to see his epic live stream performance.

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