Rave Task Force Approved For Events at San Manuel Amphitheater

Today, San Bernardino County Supervisors approved the creation of a rave task force to monitor events at San Manuel Amphitheater and Grounds.

The venue, owned by Live Nation, is home to events such as Nocturnal Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland.

The Board of Supervisors voted in favor of the formation of an electronic dance music task force. It was created to help reduce noise, traffic and other issues associated with raves and music festivals at the venue. Residents who live near the venue say they deal with loud noise, traffic, trespassing and other issues whenever a rave is held at San Manuel. The task force, which will include officials from surrounding hospitals and the Sheriff’s Department, will also help create health and safety guidelines for all raves at the amphitheater.

Supervisors say the task force will not be limited to just raves – but will look at all events held at the venue. Ozzfest was held last weekend at San Manuel. Residents complained the rock music festival was too loud and created traffic issues – similar to what happens when raves are held.

San Bernardino County officials say they do not have a time frame to create the task force, but they are trying to move quickly.

Hopefully this task force will help keep ravers safe – inside and outside of the venue.

“We’ve had far too many deaths. One is too many, and we’ve had five in San Bernardino County. I can’t imagine anything worse for a parent to go through. And a lot of these kids were college students. It’s a waste of life,” a spokesperson said.



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