Interview: Ravenscoon Speaks On Crafting Nostalgic Bass Journeys And A Four-Part Album

Hailing from Atlanta and currently based in San Francisco, Ravenscoon, also known as Paul Conversano, has been shaped by both East and West Coast experiences, shedding light on their influence on electronic music.

He recounts remarkable moments from his journey, from renegade shows in national parks to the release of his EP ‘Translucent‘, all of which have contributed to his musical growth and prowess.

As he divulges insights into his latest EP release, listeners are invited to explore the various facets of his music, an embodiment of emotions and a celebration of life’s beauty. Read more below:

This interview has been edited for clarity.

EDM Maniac: Where did you grow up?

Ravenscoon: I grew up in Atlanta, but I have lived in San Francisco for the past 6 years.

EDM Maniac: Oh nice, so you have experienced both East Coast and West Coast culture. Do you think that there is a difference in influence on electronic music from each coast?

Ravenscoon: Oh yeah definitely. The East Coast has this attitude and the crowd energy is insane. The West Coast is just covered in all kinds of music so I feel the experimental bass scene isn’t as big, but you can discover all kinds of different music.

EDM Maniac: So how has San Fransisco pushed your music journey?

Ravenscoon: Some of my first shows ever were these insane renegades that are really popular in San Fran. I played a show in the woods at Golden Gate Park, then another show in this national park right by the Golden Gate Bridge.

We had to hike down a mile to get to this spot on the beach where there were 300 people all having the time of their lives. The park rangers showed up at like 4AM, they were impressed but [they made us leave].

EDM Maniac: Who is your biggest musical inspiration? 

Ravenscoon: Honestly right now I think the answer is life. I feel really inspired by life, I find beauty in the moments around me, sometimes it can be me being in a hotel lobby and I’ll here a snippet of a song, or I’m in the woods hiking, just the feeling of being alive as just been really inspiring to me.

EDM Maniac: This past year has been great for your music, is there a specific time in your life that was a turning point for your musical journey? 

Ravenscoon: It’s weird because I always feel like I’m not doing enough, which is tough but it also is always pushing me to be better. I also have imposter syndrome a lot where I don’t view myself as where I am actually.

Getting booked to play Red Rocks felt amazing. My first headline tour is a huge milestone for me. I have been working towards this for a long time as well as the drop of my full album.

EDM Maniac: Tell us about the album you’ve been working on.

Ravenscoon: I’m dropping the album in four parts, Body, dropped first it had five tracks on it. Now Heart just dropped a few days ago, the full thing will be out December 2.

It’s 18 tracks total. It has been a crazy journey, I have worked on it for like a year and a half. The album’s official title is ‘Periphery.’

EDM Maniac: Can you tell us a little bit about your experience writing this album?

Ravenscoon: I sat down and knew I wanted to write an album and I also knew I wanted to do a headline tour, I didn’t want to tour without touring a body of work. I come from that era, where producers would produce an album, and then tour it.

That is a big dream of mine. I split it into four or five categories which ended up being the Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul. Then I wrote songs specifically for those feelings.

I worked with Seth Drake who is an audio engineer and he helped mentor me through the process as he was engineering my music.

EDM Maniac: Between Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul, do you think there was a category that was the hardest to express those feelings in music? 

Ravenscoon: Honestly, the melodic and emotional stuff comes really easy, I wrote so many tracks that my EP, Translucent, which was four tracks that were overflow tracks from the downtempo melodic side because I had too many to go on the album.

The hardest songs for me to write are the club-ready, bangers. Getting the energy right for me can be difficult. I’m an emotional guy.

EDM Maniac: You definitely seem very in touch with who you are and how you feel which is incredible, what is your sign?

Ravenscoon: Thank you, I’m a libra.

EDM Maniac: Oh, and an air sign, interesting! Well, Paul, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you thank you so much for taking the time out of your show night to give us some insight into your musical journey.

Ravenscoon: No problem, what a great conversation! It was a pleasure. Thank you as well. Peace!

Written by
Emily Harvey

Aspiring Florida Journalist/Photographer enjoying the world and all the music it has to offer.

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