Ray Volpe Finally Releases Viral Track “Laserbeam”

The long-awaited Ray Volpe song going viral on social media has finally dropped. Those who frequent Tik Tok and Instagram have definitely heard “Laserbeam“. It was one of the most played songs at EDC this year. Timmy Trumpet, Excision, DJ Diesel, and Seven Lions all teased the Volpe single in their sets.

The track packs a booming bass and acidic squelches contrasting with an underlying calm. The sound perfectly aligns with some insane laser visuals and listeners truly feel like they are being shot with lasers.

Excision was the first to premiere the song at Thunderdome, notoriously starting a social media frenzy over “what’s that song that goes “laser…laser…drop it.” The story goes that Volpe emailed Excision asking him to play some unreleased music alongside the incredible laser production Excision is known for. The crowd, subsequently, went absolutely wild and the internet was flooded with laser fever.

The 24-year-old artist, nicknamed “Volpetron” by fans, pulls inspiration from emo, punk rock, and brostep. He began producing at age 12 and has since released tracks on top-tier labels like OWSLA, Never Say Die, and Subsidia.

Listen to “Laserbeam” in full below.

Featured image from Ray Volpe

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