Return Of The Jaded And Karsten Sollers Puts Out Groover, “Step Into It”

Return of the Jaded and Karsten Sollors know just what the dance for needs as these two powerhouse groove makers bring the force with their latest release “Step Into It,” out now on South of Saturn.

The Canadian producer, Zoltan Kontes, known as Return of the Jaded in the dance community is consistently diving deeper into the history and nostalgia of rave culture. Kontes teams up with the profound Detriot producer, Karsten Sollors whose love for music pushes him to produce raw house that is filled with soulful vocals to create this upbeat airy track.

The credit is given to Sollors who has dedicated his life to the music community, having commercially released more than 60 records to date. Sollers was recently invited to join the highly coveted Grammy Recording Academy as a key voting member.

Sampling the KRS-one‘s 2014 hip-hop track “Step Into the World,” Kontes and Sollors capitalize on the melodic vocals the track has to offer while giving it a modern steady house beat that features congo drums and a bassline that will gets lower throughout the track.

Listen to “Step Into It” in full below:

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