REZZ Confirms New Track With Actress Dove Cameron

REZZ has confirmed a new collaboration with Dove Cameron.

REZZ has confirmed a new collaboration with actress Dove Cameron via Instagram live. Dove Cameron was on Instagram live when REZZ entered the chat room. Once REZZ entered the chat room, she wrote “can’t wait for our song to come out aaaaaaaaaa.”

Almost immediately, fans took to social media to discuss whether or not REZZ’s comment was real or just satire. REZZ confirmed via a tweet response which revealed that the collab was in fact real.

Dove Cameron is an American actress who appeared on the hit Disney Channel series Live and Maddie and also appeared in the Descendants movie series. Cameron has had a very successful television career thus far, and it’s looking like she will be transitioning her acting to electronic dance music, or at least partially.

There has not been a confirmation date for the release as of yet, but we will circle back around once there is a release date.

Feature Photo – Rukes

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