Samplifire Drops Ragnarok EP on Disciple Records

Following his collaborations with Barely Alive and Dirtyphonics, French Producer Samplifire brings the heat in his return to Disciple Records with his appropriately titled Ragnarok EP. For those of you unfamiliar with Norse mythology or Marvel’s Thor, Ragnarok means the end of the world of gods and men and in this case, the final release from Samplifire’s “Viking chapter.”

“Ragnarok – the final battle. This EP marks the end of the viking chapter.”

Ragnarok opens up with a hard-hitting collaboration with Kompany that slowly builds up and leads into an intense drop from the namesake track. We’re then led to the 2nd track, “Fenrir,” which translates to “little wolf” and the son of Norse God Loki. The ferocious track opens with the howling of a wolf pack, building into deep drops that keep with a steady bounce and high octane energy.

“The sun will be darkened, the stars will vanish, and the earth will sink into the sea. Afterward, the earth will rise again into a new world at peace.” 

The third track in the EP, “Friction” taps into distorted frequencies and sharp dynamics, bringing the fire cause “too much friction causes too much heat.” Closing out Ragnarok, “Hel” brings it home with bass-heavy synths and mind-blowing drops.

“Thank you all for following me during this journey into the Viking sound and world, I hope that you like this new EP”

Samplifire is one of the fastest-growing up-and-coming artists around today. His first Splice sample pack held the number 3 spot on the charts on Splice for over 3 weeks when it came out in 2020 and there’s more in the works! Samplifire will be hitting the road with Dirtyphonics in Europe and will be at Insomniac’s Forbidden Kingdom festival in Orlando in May.

SKOL! Ragnarok EP is out on Disciple Records now. You can check it out by clicking on the link here.

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