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SAYMYNITTI Are Back With Two Acid Techno Tracks: “I Like My Techno” And “Misbehave”

Hailing from Los Angeles, SAYMYNITTI have proven they can excel in every single genre, sharing two new acid techno singles: “I Like My Techno” and “Misbehave.”

It was just a year ago that Nitti and SAYMYNAME decided to join forces, to expand their creativity together. These two singles are prime examples of what the two producers can do.

The initial offering, titled “I Like My Techno,” masterfully weaves the nostalgia of classic trance with the pulsating energy of high-voltage techno.

The composition kicks off with robotic-infused lyrics layered atop a backdrop of immersive drone effects. As the melody unfurls, a robust techno bassline melds harmoniously with echoing alarms, crafting a spellbinding and charged auditory experience.

The second gem, “Misbehave,” maintains an equally enchanting allure. Boasting seductive feminine vocals and a propulsive rhythm, it epitomizes the very essence of acid techno.

With the dual release of “I Like My Techno” and “Misbehave,” SAYMYNITTI once again asserts their mastery over their art form, leaving an indelible imprint throughout electronic music.

Listen to SAYMYNITTI’s double singles, “I Like My Techno” and Misbehave” here now:

Written by
Emily Harvey

Aspiring Florida Journalist/Photographer enjoying the world and all the music it has to offer.

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