Sio Drops Vocal-Filled Dance Album, ‘Features’

The Johannesburg-based singer has put her own twist on vocals and house music

Sio has just released a brand new 12 track album, filled with emotional vocals and ambient sounds. The album is full of features, including South African producers Charles Webster, DUNN, and Johnny Miller. Sio’s main focus of the album is flipping the script of the singer as the main featured artist. In her album, Sio has reversed that order and has allowed her features to be the main artists of her songs, meaning, Sio serves as the featured artist.

Sio’s implementation of being the featured artist rather than the main artist helps tell the story of ‘exploring across the release,’ which is the theme of her latest album. Both Sio’s vocals and the combination of featured artists on the album help express beauty privilege, race, gender-based violence, and more. The beautifully curated album addresses a tremendous amount of social issues and injustices that are displayed via Sio’s vocals and features.

Listen to Sio’s vocally driven 12-track album, ‘Features‘ below. Stream ‘Featureshere.

Feature Photo – Sio/Facebook

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